Three Great MLS Exempt Listings!

421 Iron Warrior

419 Iron Warrior

Large Rooms
3 Beds/2 Baths
Newer Roof Hardwood Floors

palermo front

382 Palermo, Ballwin Offered at 150K!
Sorrento Subdivision

Corner Lot
Large Fenced Backyard
Open Kitchen/Breakfast with Fireplace
Parkway Schools
Walking Distance to
Grade School
Updated Kitchen/Bath
3 Bedrooms/2 Baths
Partial Finish LL
Many Updates


421 Iron Warrior

421 Iron Warrior

4 Beds/2 Baths

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Homes for Heroes Foundation with Sergeant Dennis Cabanting

Sergeant Cabanting and Homes for Heroes Foundation

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Bellefontaine Beauty


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Sergeant Dennis Cabanting Returns!

Check out our latest news!

This is a special request! Today we welcome home Sgt Dennis Cabanting, a wounded warrior returning from Hawaii, after an encounter with an explosion in his Hum V. Dennis has an amazing mother who went to bring him back so that he can get help, learn to walk, talk and live again.
His mother founded, and has sent more than 162000 care packages to soldiers, as well as providing support for their families. Won’t you please join me and pray for Dennis & his mother Juliann
as they begin this new chapter of life…and send a card of gratitude for their service to:
Dennis Cabanting
Juliann Najar
11143 Larimore Rd.
St Louis, Mo 63138
Need an easy way to send a card??

See the news report!




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Your New Home!

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Lease vs Sell?? What is the RIGHT choice for YOU?

Trouble selling your home due to:
lack of equity?
lack of desire to let it go?
lack of buyer interest?
Have you considered the hottest thing in the market today?
Leasing your home can be a huge benefit, and, contrary to popular belief, there are many qualified tenants with good credit and substantial income!
Let our team get you where you want to go! We can provide strategies that may allow you to achieve your goals, get you where you want to be and give you a future asset…all while allowing someone else to help pay down your mortgage!
There has never been a hotter leasing market, and we have a team of professionals to take you from start to finish! We provide a worksheet to assure that leasing might be the right choice for you. Give us a call and discuss what could be the best real estate solution for you! 636.486.6543
Fellows Realty Group at Keller Williams Realty West

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Woodson Terrace!!

Play VisualTour
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Beautiful Homes on Tour!

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Increase your Home’s Value-Easy Tips!

An annual survey of real estate agents says 99% of them recommend their clients spiff up their homes before they put them on the market. But did you know that cleaning and decluttering alone can add more than $2,000 to a home’s sale price? What other tried-and-true prep tips do agents recommend? Here are the top five for 2012:

Clean and declutter – Make sure your home is spic and span inside and out. Organize closets and cabinets. Pack away personal items like family photos and other clutter.
Lighten and brighten – Clean windows inside and out. Replace or remove old curtains. Remove any items that block natural light. Make sure all lighting fixtures work.
Repair electrical and plumbing – Plumbing and electrical systems must meet code requirements. Update leaky or outdated fixtures. Repair leaks and remove mildew stains.
Landscaping – Mulch flower beds and around trees. Clean up leaves, branches and other debris. Add hanging baskets and potted plants. Keep lawns cut and edged.
Staging – Rearrange or remove furniture to make rooms appear larger. Place fresh flowers in rooms. Clear off kitchen countertops.
Even if a homeowner can’t trace return on investment to a specific action, real estate agent Joanne Curtain said the effort will almost always pay off. “When a homeowner comes out of the gate with their best foot forward, they are putting themselves in the best position to get the most for their home,” she said.

Joanne believes a home’s appearance is so important that she has all her homes professionally staged before they’re listed. Professional staging usually includes all the projects above as well as other cosmetic improvements to highlight a home’s best features. Joanne reimburses the sellers for the costs of staging when the home sells.

“Every home is different, but a staged home always sells faster,” she explained. “The sooner a home goes under contract, the closer to the asking price that seller will receive.”

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